Mali Dogon Door


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” Dogon ” door, carved wood from Mali, 19th Century

This finely-carved shutter or door once adorned a Dogon granary, serving both to protect and sanctify the life-giving stores of food contained inside. According to Hélène Leloup (Dogon Statuary, Strasbourg, 1994, p. 487), rows of figures seen on Dogon granary doors represent patrilineal ancestors. The presence of male and female figures in the present example suggest the male-female duality which is central to Dogon origin myths; these primordial couples are the progenitors of humanity, the ideal compliments to one another, and the source of life.


Dimensions Length: 50 cm Width: 6 cm Height: 65 cm
Design Period

Before 1890

Production Period

Before 1890

Year of Production

19th Century



Place of Origin



Very Good – This item has no defects but it may show slight traces of use

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